"[Practice] has to do with approaching a person, the way you approach people and how you are able to receive their stories and apply a body of knowledge to that story... A quality of being trust-worthy and appropriate… I want people to feel safe with me and there is a certain way I move and react that has that goal in mind." Physician (anonymous)

"[In my practice] things change… becoming open to a subject… Having an openness and a willingness to allow that subject to be central to the work and not just a tool" Artist (anonymous)

Catherine Pancake and Bhob Rainey present ALLELE WAKE, a new collaborative multimedia exhibit that continues their exploration of technocratic processes and emergent poetic events. Allele Wake draws its inspiration and generative material from a two hour structured dialogue between three artists and three medical doctors regarding creativity, risk, privacy, mortality, physical/technical skills, and the challenges inherent in communicating with audiences of all kinds in both the arts and sciences.

Artists: Bhob Rainey, Catherine Pancake, Christina Zani, Mary Lattimore, Jesse Sparhawk, June Bender, Eric Coyne, Matthew Stein

Salon Dialogue Excerpt (.pdf)

Video Material

D1 from catherine pancake on Vimeo.

text from catherine pancake on Vimeo.

Allele-Green-full4 from catherine pancake on Vimeo.