Prosperity Consciousness (Casting A Spell) 2014

(Collaboration with Bobby Gonzales)



June 2014, Group Exbition, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia PA



Bobby Gonzales’s photo collages, made from cut color pigment prints, play peekaboo with formal concerns and suggest a lusty as well as contemplative imagination prone to seriously dry humor. The twisted limbs of the self portrait above are so well done, and the work suggests both a Surrealist moment and some kind of new-fangled state of consciousness. The artist’s short video, made in collaboration with Catherine Pancake, “Prosperity Consciousness (Casting A Spell) 2014,” is a tour de force in which, to the sound of a tinkling bell, coins float up around the eyes-closed artist. The magical money — or something — awakens the artist to a new state of awareness. Entwining of ideas of Zen consciousness and money madness is nicely done, calling both into question and affirming them at the same time. This video a must see for sure. theartblog - Roberta Fallon