Queer Genius


Queer Genius is a feature-length documentary film exploring five fine artists who identify as queer who invent and enact original philosophies of living. The film explores their creative practices, personal struggles, and vision for how art changes their communities and lives.


The film features Eileen Myles, Barbara Hammer, Jibz Cameron, and Black Quantum Futurism - Rasheedah Phillips and Camae Ayewa.







Supported by the Claire Rosen and Samuel Edes Foundation

Supported by the Temple University Vice Provost for the Arts Research Grant

Supported by Leeway Foundation Art & Social Change Grant, Leeway Foundation Window of Opportunity Grant. Catherine Pancake is a recipient of a 2017 Leeway Transformation Award.


Thanks to Laura Terruso (DP/Advisor,) Michelle Lawler (DP/Advisor)