(Maya 3D Software)


[UNBREAKABLE] GLASS explores the rich post-photographic world offered by advanced 3D modeling software. The piece presents a set of “digital bodies” in the form of original 3D sculptures created by the artist using mental ray glass materials highlighting the hyper-rational reflectivity produced by machine language. In this case the use of high specularity is not for seducing the viewer into an entertainment or marketing experience, but into the world of abstract poetics. Upon closer inspection the hyper-rational geometry and reflectivity begins breaking down as bodies merge, flow, and behave in unexpected ways. As we spend more time interacting with seductive virtual environments, we continue to search for ourselves, and our aesthetics within this uncanny new visual media. Josef Anton Riedl and his experiments with electro acoustic music using glass materials inspire the sound-track.



Feb 10th to 14th 2014, [UNBREAKABLE] GLASS in The Gallery w/Wang Xin, C Space C1 & C2, Cao Changdi, Chaoyang District, Beijing China