Jay Dreams (2009, S16m, HD/SD, 24min)


Jay Dreams is an experimental film containing a hybrid of cinematic techniques that reveal the irreducible nature of life in an African-American queer cultural scene in Baltimore MD. Baltimore writer Jai Brooks provides thematic content through clever senyrus (haikus examining human foibles) which allow the film to examine an unusual and highly marginalized cultural context rich with existential moments and free from pedantic constraints.


"Playfully interspersing a number of different film genres, including improvised documentary scenes shot in black-and-white, animation, and vignettes staged with painterly attention to visual composition, the film allows for a uniquely powerful experience of representation driven by the participants. During filming, the 12 featured Baltimore-based, dom-fem performers of color were encouraged to explore various levels of "performance," examining privacy, media, image-making, and political exposure for their specific subculture. The result is a deeply witty and poetic film essay, a hyper-specific and personal document turned outward by a tangible desire for candid and un-mediated self-expression." Vox Populi Gallery AUX Performance Space


"A complex riveting play of poetry, identity and imagination..." MIXNYC Program Notes


"Catherine Pancake invents her own format to showcase issues of butch and fem among a bold array of African American women. Riffing on material normally reserved for fiction, Pancake listens in as women candidly discuss why they sometimes fanaticize outside their type. This down-home, witty essay is a lovely reminder of just how far we've come." David Lamble, Bay Area Reporter


"Jay Dreams combines a series of vignettes, improv, and spoken word/haiku interludes to tackle issues of identity, polyamory, desire, family, power, and relationships. Shot with a diverse cast of dom and femme characters, this short effortlessly blends humor and insight with the tempo of a freestyle poetry session." Angelique Smith, Frameline35 Program Notes


"...particularly fortuitous cinéma vérité...The sequence is a little bit sardonic, a little bit titillating, and a little bit playfully silly. Like the rest of Jay Dreams, these two scenes capture the hopes, worries, and desires of stereotype-busting individuals navigating interpersonal relationships, while sparking a jumble of emotional responses recognizable to just about all grown human beings." Jess Harvel, Baltimore City Paper


Website http://www.catherinepancake.com/JayDreams


Distributor Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre - http://www.cfmdc.org/



Top Ten Queer Films of 2010 by the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre


Selected Screenings

Vox Populi Gallery AUX Performance Space, Philadelphia PA

Nightingale Cinema, Chicago IL

22nd Annual Tampa Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

InsideOut, Toronto, ON, Royal Ontario Museum

Mpenzi Festival, University of Toronto

MIXNYC, NYC Queer Experimental Film Festival

Frameline35, San Francisco

North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Durham NC

Women in the Life Series, Washington DC

"In the Directors Chair", Baltimore, MD sponsored by WYPR

May Shorts Program, Chicago Filmmakers

Butch Voices Conference 2011, San Francisco