Kayuga Project (S16mm/RED 45min) 2012 & on-going

(single channel HD / RED video, S16mm film, artist book, private vimeo channel, cinema or installation view)

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Kayuga Project is an on-going research project, film, installation, artist book, and online channel exploring the utopian and dystopian histories, fantasies, fictions, and facts surrounding the use of medical technologies to create and alter human lives. The project examines a number of contemporary concepts from artificial wombs, to parthenogenic birth, to stem cell cloning, to the pragmatics of artificial insemination and hormonal therapies. The project uses cinema, objects, and performed video diaries to deal with the potent curiosity and difficult ethical ambivalence we struggle with about our post-human reproductive and gender options. The artist's experience with having her daughter in December 2011 inspired the reseach and development of this project.


The 45min film (also shown as an excerpt in installation views) features notable performance artists portraying a corporate female-driven artificial reproduction scheme gone awry. The science fiction melodrama plays out in a luxury loft as the dialogue traces the over-arching desires of the lead scientist mixing actual scientific facts with homoerotic gestures. A nomadic young woman wanders a post-industrial landscape parallel to the unfolding plot in the Fassbinder-influenced loft hotbox. The film reflects a world in which the "artificial" can bring redemption, and the power to reproduce becomes a force in tandem with economic as well as emotional desire. (images above.)



Supported by the Claire Rosen and Samuel Edes Foundation



October 2013, MIXNYC Festival (installation view)

June 2013, PSi19 International Performance Conference, Stanford University (singe channel view)

April 2013, SPARK-GAP, Group exhibition, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia PA (installation view)

May 2012, Queertopia Conference, featured film, Northwestern University, Chicago IL (single channel view)

May 2012, Gene Siskel Theater, Thesis screening, Chicago IL (single channel view)


Thanks to Erin Markey, Carolyn Alverado Castillo, Ei Jane Janet Lin, Emily Davis, Letitia Murray, Casey Puccini, Frederic Moffet, David Getsy